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TT School Of Paragliding
14 Days Basic + Advance Paragliding Course. P1+P2+P3 In India.


Go from a total beginner to an independent paragliding pilot with our specially designed P1+P2+P3 course at Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh. Keeping attention to details and safety on top priority. Also, above all, we want you to have the most epic time of your life.

P1 + P2 + P3


AGE 15+

What Will I Be Learning?

This Course consists of Basics and Advance level of paragliding. Learn the art of gaining altitude, ridge soaring, thermalling and staying up in the air for long duration.
1. Learning how to open up a glider.
2. Learning the parts, key terms and theory about paragliding.
3. Learn how to wear harness and Glider.
4. Demo by Certified Instructors.
5. Now the real training begins, this is known as Ground Training. Learn how to lift a glider, balancing it over the head, run with the glider till the end of the field and repeat.
6. Tandem Paragliding Fly (optional)
7. P2 Flying lessons, perfecting Take Off, Landing, mid flight turning, etc.
8. Bir Paragliding Association Certificate (BPA)
P3 Course:- Canopy handling and kiting skills.
Air speed control.
Active piloting skills.
Roll and pitch control.
Alternating S-turns.
Weight shift turns.
Ridge soaring.
Extended duration flights.
Target landings.
Flight planning.
Flight safety.
Safety rules and Ridge rules.
Reverse Launch
Long duration flights

What you should choose Us

1. 15+ years of Experience in the field
2. Instructors from Himachal Tourism,Arunachal tourism
3. Certified Instructors From Billing Paragliding Association, registered and approved by government of India
4. The Best site for learning Paragliding Course (P1, P2, P3 & cross country)
5. Bir Billing is the second highest site in the world
6. Billing Paragliding Association Certificate (BPA)
7. We teach one on one.No big groups.Proper attention to every student
8. We use High quality European Branded paragliders.
9. Workation friendly Paragliding Course.

At T T School of Paragliding our number one priority is safety.

1. Certified Team
2. School level glider
3. Trained Instructors
4. Assistance by instructors
5. First Aid Kit
6. Ambulance Facility
7. Incident Search Party
8. Helmet/Radios/kit

What do I need to bring with me?

1. Warm Clothes
2. Personal Toiletries
3. Sun glasses with 100% U/V protection, cap, sun block (30% and above SPF)
4. Training cloths for the number of days
5. Sports shoes with good grip
6. Personal medication if any.
7. Government photo ID
8. Spirit of Adventure

Course Fee


This package includes

Training + 15 Solo flights + Transportation + Kiting session and Thermalling course

Course Fee + Accommodation etc.

₹49999/- + 399 (DORMS) / 800 (PRIVATE ROOM) PER DAY

This package includes

Training + 15 Solo flights + Transportation + Kiting session and Thermalling course + Accomodation

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